One API integration - and you get a high class call center

In 23 languages 92% of the inhabitants
of the globe speak.
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What we offer

Incoming Line
Incoming Line
  • Customer greeting by name, downloading information from your database.
  • Recognition of the client by voice.
  • Clear work on scripts, their improvement.
  • IVR menu: it is not necessary to spend money on an employee - a robot fulfills a part of important tasks.
Outgoing calls
Outgoing calls

6 seconds - it takes that long for our service to call the customer after receiving the application. Predictive set: you do not pay for the beeps, the robot calls customers - only the conversation is paid.

Clear statistics
Clear statistics

In our admin panel you see everything required to analyze the work of native speakers, namely: recording conversations, the duration of calls, the cost of each conversation, the analysis of native speakers on their skills, the ability to terminate a contract with inefficient native speaker.

Native speakers from almost all over the globe are connected to our service, delivering services of the highest quality standards.

All languages

  • Spanish Spanish
  • Slovenian Slovenian
  • French French
  • Finnish Finnish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Polish Polish
  • Greek Greek
  • Swedish Swedish
  • German German
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Norwegian Norwegian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Italian Italian
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Danish Danish
  • Czech Czech
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese
  • Hungarian Hungarian
  • Dutch Dutch
  • Slovak Slovak
  • Indian Indian
  • Latvian Latvian
Our advantages

Our service is highly flexible


No need for hiring employees, buying equipment and renting a working space. Operators on outsourcing decide where to work, and they equip their workplace at their own expense.


Good professional equipment for call centers is worth a lot of money, and its installation and tuning takes a lot of time. Now it's not your concern - we took care of everything in advance and at our expense.


Lucrative tariffs for telephony. Telephony is a significant expense item in the call center service. We work directly with local providers, so our tariffs for SIP telephony are the most profitable.


Most of the work is done by robots (a predictive outgoing line, IVR menu), while you do not pay for staff time. Payment occurs only during a conversation with the client.


Вы можете выбрать удобный для вас способ расчета: оплата за отработанные часы;
 оплата за поазатели, которые важны для ваших продаж (% от среднего показателя, чек,% выкупа или любого другого); Синтез: рабочее время + КПД.

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